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What is Funny Money?

Funny Money is a consulting firm specialized in finance that works with people and companies, with the objective of maximizing economic results through advice and training.

Consulting and Training

For people and companies

Coffee meeting where you can clear your financial doubts and get informed to make better decisions. The goal is for you to have a vision of what your financial situation is in order to make decisions.

Servicio de contador + asesor financiero en un solo abono, especialmente pensado para personas humanas empleados en relación de dependencia, monotributistas y autónomos que aborrecen los números y los trámites.

Unique session to review basic concepts for the management of the business. What is more, a professional excel will be customized by Funny Money®.

External Management Control, which allows managers or business owners to have the economic and financial information in a systematized way and reflected in a management report.

It includes an Accountant, administrative staff and the service Financial Copilot, which provides a complete Administration and Finance service externally through a monthly subscription.

80% of businesses die in the first two years. The main cause of death is the natural tendency of our brain to be optimistic in the face of new challenges.

Personal finance, not only from a technical point of view but also from the way we relate to money, expenses and investments, has to do with our personality and how the context conditions us. Combine Finance with Stand-up Comedy.

With a very personal style, where attendees have fun, learn and get excited, Edy Pascualini director of Funny Money gives lectures on personal and business financial issues.

Edy Pascualini - Funny Money Director

Funny Money is a financial consultancy for companies and individuals, specialized in advice and training. Director: Edy Pascualini, a professional with extensive experience in financial areas, holding positions of responsibility in multinational companies and as an independent financial consultant.

Bachelor of Administration with a Master's Degree in Finance from the Torcuato Di Tella University and Certified Controller (CCA) by the Global Chartered Controller Institute (Spain).

As a teacher, he gives different courses and seminars on corporate and personal finance in different areas, with great oratory capacity developed for more than 15 years in the field of theatre and comedy.

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They talk about us

Excelente asesoramiento financiero! Un gusto trabajar con Funny y su equipo, profesionales y atención personalizada. Muchas gracias!Alejandro2 October, 2020
Recomiendo, servicio muy profesional. Fue de gran utilidad para nuestro emprendimiento. (Translated by Google) I recommend, very professional service. It was very useful for our endeavor.Carlos Francisco Mori30 September, 2020
Conocí a Edi primero como profesor particular de Finanzas, donde me demostró ser una persona profesional y compromentida. Por eso hoy me encuentro trabajando con él sobre mi proyecto laboral personal, donde me asesora y me ayuda con la proyección del negocio. Súper recomendable. (Translated by Google) I first met Edi as a private finance teacher, where he showed me to be a professional and committed person. That is why today I am working with him on my personal work project, where he advises me and helps me with the projection of the business. Super recommended.Cecilia Cedeira28 September, 2020
Conocí a Funny Money, en el cual tuve un asesoramiento financiero impecable. Gracias a Funny Money pude ordenar y priorizar mis proyectos empresariales. Gran atención y asesoramiento. Muy recomendado para aquellos que quieran lanzarse al mercado y tienen dudas de como hacerlo. Saludos! (Translated by Google) I met Funny Money, in which I had impeccable financial advice. Thanks to Funny Money I was able to organize and prioritize my business projects. Great attention and advice. Highly recommended for those who want to enter the market and have doubts about how to do it. Greetings!Francisco Traiani27 September, 2020
Eddy me ayudo a destrabar un caso puntual, relacionado con el dinero, fue clave su conocimiento y experiencia personal! (Translated by Google) Eddy helped me unlock a specific case, related to money, his knowledge and personal experience was key!Celeste Bélay11 September, 2020
Lucio Pischiutta11 September, 2020


Seminarios de finanzas personales en un formato original y divertido

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La experiencia de los protagonistas del sector en vivo y en directo. Lanzamientos de productos, campañas publicitarias, investigaciones, decisiones estratégicas, experiencias interdisciplinarias y desafíos del mercado constituyen la cotidianeidad de las empresas. En esta jornada, el área de marketing nos cuenta cómo lo encara, sus…

Un seminario original sobre finanzas para compañías

El departamento financiero de Abece Consultora ofrece un servicio para empresas y personas que cuidan sus finanzas: Funny Money, un seminario in company para ayudar a la comunidad y a las empresas a mejorar su economía. El curso, se realiza en un formato original y…

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